House Interior Design from the best design companies in Dubai

As a leading interior design companies in Dubai, Ions Design has delivered numerous luxury house interior design projects not only in the Emirates but to other countries as well such as Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and USA.


Acclaimed for its unique and luxury interior design ideas, Ions Design envisions to become a global interior designing and home design studio sharing its craftsmanship and expertise to homeowners, real estate developer, artisans, interior decorator, architects, designers and more worldwide.


Our refined interior design services comprise of living room design, kitchen design, dining room ideas, bedroom design, bathroom designs, Majlis design or any other room design and interior decoration requirement, all tailored according to client’s personal taste.


Whether palace, villa design or bedroom interior, the approach is always comprehensive. Our expert interior designer, architect and engineers work closely to deliver a holistic bespoke package from concept, construction drawings to selection of furniture and other interior decoration elements.


We take pride to showcase a prestigious interior designing project for a high-profile client in the “city of Gold” Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 6-Bedroom palatial residence in admirable fusion of French classic architecture and contemporary interior design style. The house interior design speaks of a divine and serene character with its soft neutral color scheme paired with sophisticated stone and metal work.


An open plan arrangement, floor to ceiling windows, rich interior decorations such as Baccarat fine crystal lighting are among the few notable interior elements that perfected this luxurious home design.


Looking for interior design ideas ,  Contact Ions Design and we will be glad to journey with you in achieving your dream  home design.

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IONS DESIGN -Best interior design company in Dubai , UAE ... We provide our luxury interior design services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah , UAE & MENA 

Interior design for Houses, apartment, villa, Retail Shop, office or a restaurant


     ايونز لتصميمات العماره الداخليه و الديكور – مؤسسه مقرها دبي – الامارات العربيه المتحده...تتمحور اعمال المؤسسه في دبي ,ابو ظبي, الشارقه و كذلك منطقه الخليج و شمال افريقيا تصميم الفيلات السكنيه , المحلات التجاريه,المكاتب  و المطاعم اعمالنا في

دبي ,ابو ظبي,الشارقه,و كل الأمارات العربيه المتحده ...كذلك في قطر و المملكه العربيه السعوديه  و مصر


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