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Discover Our Interior Design Ideas for Sitting Spaces , Majlis and Family living rooms.

Majlis Design for Luxury Homes

IONS being one of the best design companies in Dubai provides varieties of design ideas for your home interior especially to areas where family receive and host guests like the formal living room and dining room, and majlis room.

Be it an arabesque interior designing style or Moroccan themed interiors, classic style living room, modern majlis design or contemporary sitting room, our team of highly qualified interior designer always ensure that each room we design is rendered with timeless elegance, comfort , and in harmony with the overall luxury villa design.  

Our wide collection of majlis and sitting room design ideas are luxurious concept that guides our client in choosing their design style whether it is a small living room design, a formal reception, a family living room design , double height grand hall lounge room , a majlis or any other place of sitting in the home interior. It also sitting room layout design, home decorating ideas and interior decoration resources from classic to contemporary furniture, chandelier and lighting fixture and color design scheme from colorful Moroccan majlis to neutral and gray living room ideas.

Discover More of our interior design company best Design ideas per different spaces.

Our Company design philosophy

Visitors travel from around the world to experience the futuristic feeling of Dubai's architecture. Modern and sleek, it's as unique as you might imagine. With an economy based in oil, real estate, trade, and financial services, architecture firms strive to match their designs with the prestige of the people who occupy the spaces.

Both businesses and private homes boast the best in design, inside and out. That's why architecture firms in Dubai, such as Ions Design, provide architectural exterior design plans and landscape for private estates as well as commercial properties.

For example, the living room is one of the main gathering spaces in a home. Homeowners are likely to host cocktail parties, and other get-togethers, spending much of the time with their guests in the living room. This means that the living room design sets the mood and is a factor in overall pleasant experience.

Not only that, but the architectural details in a Dubai living room are luxurious and also include subtle touches that exude a sense of style. Still, the essential element of living room design is that it creates a warm and inviting place to relax.

Ions Design works with clients to bring their architectural dreams to life in their living room designs. The award-winning design firm is one of the best in Dubai and offers full architectural and design services.

You'll receive full interior architecture solutions, as well as space planning and furniture layouts. We provide detailed drawings and 3D rendering, so you have an opportunity to see the results ahead of time.

We can also assist with furniture selection and sourcing for the complete living room design of your dreams. Get in touch with Ions Design today to get an estimate for your new living room.

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