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Interior Design And Architecture Design Scope


Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our company awarded the Architecture design and interior design for the office building featuring a contemporary architecture design and a modern interior concept.


The exterior architecture façade main material used is stone cladding mechanically fixed, Metal window’s framing used to add a modern look for the architecture design. The office building’s layout well planned to maximize the leased space per each floor.

The interior design of the prototype office comes in soft matched materials. Walnut wood veneer pressed on MDF used for the solid partitions, while white glass and clear glass used for the transparent partitions.

The reception desk is minimal, modern, and very neat using white glass. The background design has the business logo centred to put all the focus on the identity of the corporate.

Manager office designed in a luxurious concept using White marble flooring. Furnished with beige leather chair and a modern Italian Desk.

Scope :  interior & Architecture  Design

Project location : Saudi Arabia , Riyadh   

Built up area : 20,000  sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style : Modern , Contemporary 

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