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Interior Design And Architecture Design Scope


A modern business hub, the office building located in Cairo new capital, Egypt designed to be the perfect destination of high-end retail brands and corporate entities.

The Architecture Design is a modern timeless style, reflecting the spirit of Cairo’s new capital. Big glass façade considered for the retail units design to allow maximum visibility for business. Upper floors floorplans for the office spaces creatively designed with the maximum leasable space yet in the most practical design layout.

Sandstone Cladding used for the building exterior walls layered in balance with the glass panels. Landscape design for the office building comes in modern shapes integrated with architecture design of the project.

Our company upgraded the architecture design for the building with the highest automation technologies controlling the smart external and internal lighting systems. Air condition system integrated with the smart automation control panels for maximum energy efficiency and to have an environment friendly sustainable office building design.

Scope :  interior & Architecture  Design

Project location : Cairo New Capital , Egypt  

Built up area : 18,000  sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style : Modern , Contemporary 

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