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Our interior designer and design team are happy to share the most creative thoughts about kitchen design ideas

One of the most important spaces within any house design is the Kitchen area . Kitchen design should be practical , Stylish , utilizing 
 the interior space at it's best.

Kitchen design step one is site survey to get actual measurements , services locations ( electrical and plumbing )  and actual site heights. Interior designer will discuss with client the preferred interior design style , If the recommended design is modern kitchen , contemporary or classic design. 

Interior designer will start the layout process for kitchen design with locating the main kitchen appliances . The cooker , The Fridge , the sink & Dishwasher should be oriented in away to ensure proper spacing and coordination between different activities. Kitchen design should have enough working space counter top for cooking  process too adjutant to required appliances.   

Interior designer will start to select the kitchen cabinet materials , It should be minimal , modern and easy to maintain . While widely plywood is used for kitchen cabinet's carcass . Kitchen fittings and hardware we use are all imported from Germany with the finest world class quality for lifetime usability .

Kitchen Design trends recently goes towards Modern interior design style. Interior designer will ensure in sketching process that volumes and cabinets all in modern look . Marble plays an important role in how kitchen will look , Used in flooring or backsplash it could be implemented in a very  artistic way if it's in book matching arrangement.  

Kitchen dimensions ergonomics is the most important factor for designing the right space. Standard working surfaces height is 90 cm from finish floor level , Lower cabinet standard depth is 60 cm while upper cabinet usually follows the 40 cm depth . Those dimensions will ensure the practicality usage of the kitchen space.

Interior designer should advice the client about the recommended appliances which will fit the kitchen dimensions and should have the right knowledge about all well known kitchen brands . 

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