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Interior & Architecture Design Scope


Modern Villa design Is The current trend of interior design style requested for most of the villa design projects. Our Design company was appointed as the designer for this house located in Dubai, UAE . Where client preferred to have minimal modern design for his house.

The Exterior Architecture House design is modern, Elegant , luxury and minimal. Stone wall cladding used for most of the exterior, While GRC decor used for other decorative elements. Window design comes in brown aluminium to match the stone finish . Landscape completes the modern villa design luxury look , With stone walkways integrated within the magical greenery.

The interior villa design reflects a very fine taste with double height entrance . Dining area interior design focus is a huge artwork matched with the upholstery fabric colour. The Modern villa lighting is very unique with each piece carefully selected from high-end brands. 

Family living interior design decorated with a Modern fireplace and comfortable sofa seating area. Marble flooring used in Gray colours with silk rug under sitting area . As a modern villa our interior designer added another unique element in the family living which is a fish aquarium integrated within the walls as a modern interior design element. 

Our interior designer considered an open kitchen layout connected to the daily family dining in a welcoming bright colours. Master bedroom is warm with wooden flooring and earthy colours. Finishes selected in harmony with furniture elements . Home office located in ground floor with private lounge for visitors . Mirror wall cladding used to increase the space volume , With bright comfortable sofa upholstery . 

Our interior designer worked on all engineering details, required drawings and specification to ensure the successful execution of the projects with a 100% match with the approved modern elegant design of the house located in Dubai , UAE.

Scope : Architecture & interior Design

Project location : Doha , Qatar

Plot Size : 12,000 sq. M

Built up area : 4,600 sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style: Neoclassic

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