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How to design the best interior design | Architecture Design  for a villa or palace

Both architecture and interior design are engineering visual 4 dimensional art. It involves many aspects starting with creation of floor plans layouts , historical architecture style review, choosing the right colors/ textures and most important having a design with an outstanding timeless impression.

As our design firm IONS DESIGN known for top of the line architecture design and interior design services.We would love to share with our valuable audience few ideas about the right design method we use in our company.

 It’s always challenging for interior designer or architects to choose the right approach in order to start a successful design project until they have in the end the best architecture or interior design result. Our architects and interior designer created the below briefed suggested design approach.

Step one - Written list with all client requirements. If it’s a palace or a villa design, list how many floors are required, Rooms spaces per each floor in details, Discuss the client preferred circulation / lifestyle as it will affect the floor-plans.

Step two - Sketch your idea. That’s where all the creativity comes, always remember that computer CAD software/3D software are only tools. True design ideas comes with limitless imagination we humans are gifted to have. Sketch a lot of floor plans concepts , architecture design concept and how the architecture volumes will affect the interior design in a later stage. Always Think in a 4 dimensional space ( or even more ! ) Imagine how the floor , walls , ceiling , light , colors , textures, materials , spaces , volumes and ambient will all blend in 1 artists frame.

Step three- Share your initial thoughts and ideas with your client. Listen to his/her vision until both architect and client meets at a brilliant idea which will be the soul of your project.

Step four - Turn your interior design / architecture design idea into a real vision. Work deeply on each small design detail unless you reach perfection.Study always the practicality of your design , how it will interact with electromechanical elements ( Air conditioning,Lighting, Electrical work , plumbing, etc...)

Step five - Impress your client with a magical presentation crafted passionately . Express both of your visual design ideas and philosophical architecture design/interior design ideas. 

Step six - Once both architecture design and interior design concept are approved , Dedicated engineering design team should work on a very clear/well detailed engineering technical drawings as per approved architecture design/interior design includes but not limited to Flooring details , ceiling details , wall cladding fixing method with materials specifications, material’s selection sheets , bill of quantity , fixture technical specifications and selections , etc ... Details should cover all interior and architecture design elements required by contractor for a successful project execution until delivery.

Step seven- Follow up always with regular site visits to ensure that contractor is executing the interior design ‘ architecture design  as per the approved concept and details . Then it comes a successful project delivery and handover after completion of all snags if any.

At our architecture design firm with more than 20 years of luxury high-end both interior and architecture design experience for the best palaces and villas design projects , We have learned that keys behind a successful design are to Listen to our client requirements, Being unique , brainstorming , sharing ideas , choosing the interior and architecture style which suits our client and finally hardworking until we reach new higher design limits . 

Wishing all of our design colleagues and clients the best , 


10th January 20201

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